Marissa González, the artist
The Painter


Marissa Gonzalez was born in the Philippines and is now a resident of Switzerland. She started painting in 1994 and studied with specialized teachers in Switzerland and France. Her preferred mediums are silk, acrylic on wood and watercolour on paper. She paints at her "Silk Atelier."



Jusi is the Chinese word for "raw silk" and is the term used for the unique fabric woven in the Philippines from silk and pineapple fibers. When embroidered, Jusi is the material used for Philippine formal wear for both men and women. By using it as her medium, Marissa Gonzalez pays tribute to Philippine materia prima and explores other non-traditional uses for Jusi.



The Wall Hangings


Gonzalez' Jusi wall hangings measure 93 cms -36.6 inches (maximum width) and 150 cms -59 inches (maximum length).
They are framed at the top and bottom with matching wooden scrolls, with the top scroll measuring 2cms-0.78 inches diameter and bottom scroll 1.5 cms -0.5 inches diameter.
The top scroll is capped with finials on both ends.
This type of framing allows easy transport as well as hanging.

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