The String Instrument Series

The String Instrument Series is inspired by musical stringed instruments from different countries and culturally diverse backgrounds...


Quiet Corners

The Quiet Corner Series takes you to places evoking tranquility.

Chairs and the Art of Waiting

Chairs and the Art of Waiting a collection that speaks for itself.



Under the Mediterrean Skies

An eclectic collection of scenes from counties bathed by the Mediterranean Sea….

The Road to Silence

The collection The Road to Silence follows the Quiet Corners and visits monasteries, abbeys and cloister courtyards.

Diversity finds a home in the United Nations and Fleeting Moments of Light are hopefully reflected in the split second when the light changes, when day becomes night, and vice-versa.

The Door Series The Doors Series depicts doors of varying textures and décor - a metaphorical exploration into what lies beyond...





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